Book a table

Tables of 8 or more

If you book a table of 8 people or more we ask you for a deposit of £10 per person at time of booking. The deposit is redeemed against your bill on the day you visit. The deposit is non redundable for any reason if the person cancels less than 48 hours before your visit. The deposit cannot be carried over to your bill for the rest of the table. 


This is a very special collaboration evening featuring 4 chefs, 1 artisan baker, 1 beer sommelier and 1 wine sommelier. It’s a 7 course menu with a wine and beer flight paired with each course. Read more about this special ticketed collaborative event. Click here…


During the summer when Falmouth is at it’s busiest, so is INDIDOG. We would ask that you understand that it is not possible to rush you through the process during the evening. If your table allocation is 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours, it will likely take that long to complete your meal. We are not fine dining but our food is cooked fresh to order. It is a genuine restuarant experience where good food takes time. If you are rushed, please call to book and allocate yourself the first seating of 6pm. Or even 5.45pm and enjoy 2 for £12 cocktails before your order is taken. 


We welcome big tables. The online booking calender is able to let you book up to 12 people online but no more: you won’t see availability if you input a number higher than 12. Please don’t be put off. Please email indidogfalmouth@gmail.com and someone will get back to you. You may also try 01326450699. Leave a message if we are busy on service and we will call you back. We absolutely welcome tables of 13 and above, we just need to book it manually. 

When you do book a large table please understand that this is alot for us to expodite and timing is critical. If one or more of your party is late and we risk effecting other bookings, we will need to proceed without them. We will do everything to help you have a smooth evening but if you can ask your group to understand we would be very appreciative.