You are always more than welcome to chat to the chefs over the pass or lean against the bar and talk about how to make an old fashioned with Cailean. Everyone at INDIdog will love a little chat with you because INDIdog employs a person. What do we mean? Well a CV is great and a chef needs to know how to poach an egg- course – but what makes INDIdog special is the personality behind the skill. We don’t really think about age, gender or where a person has come from, we first of all care if you are enjoyable to be with. Sous chef Axel loves photography and is a secret romantic, Head Chef Dave loves his disco mirror crash helmet and silver shoes, Tom is so careful with the produce and loves to graffiti and Simon, well he’s just all about the King: Elvis. The team really care about how good we are to people and how happy the customer is. What each person has in common is an interest in food, drink and the person they give those things to. They are really good people and all they do is their very best. That’s why our eggs benedict at £11.50 isn’t just beautiful and good value for money, it’s great because it hits the table with love – it was made with it, it’s served with it and you’ll know it when you order it. What hasn’t been said is anything about how good they are at taking care of you, cooking, making a coffee or shaking a cocktail…..don’t need to – course they are. Come and see for yourself. They need you more than ever, come and let us entertain you x