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Christmas party Falmouth

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You’re welome to hire the whole of INDIdog for your 2023 Christmas Party. You can hire the whole venue exclusively from 3rd November to 23rd December. You can have a DJ, Kareoke machine, awards – anything to personalise your venue. We will even come up with your own works do cocktail. Or you can keep it simple and plug a playlist into our overhead speakes. You can make it what you will. Just email us on info@indidogeatery.com

* Hire INDIDOG for your Christmas Party exclusively Monday – Friday from November 3rd to Dec 22nd

* It’s yours from 6pm until 12.30am

* Enjoy a 3 course meal cooked by our team of brilliant chefs.

* We will fully staff the restaurant to give you amazing, smooth service while you party.

* You get your own private bar so that you can choose to a) run a tab for a free bar for your guests b) run a tab and when it runs out ask your guests to pay c) have your guests pay all evening as they order. We’ll even create a special cocktail for you.

* You can host your own awards ceremony and use our sound system to mike up. Do some speeches, say your thank you’s and wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

* Hire in a photo booth or anything that can easily be set up at 5pm and removed by midnight the same night.

* Hire in a silent disco

* You can book a DJ at your own cost or plug your playlist in to our sound system – There is an area in the restaurant which accommodates a dancefloor.

Christmas party Falmouth

Book a Christmas Meal

Three course menu. Lunch and dinner.

Looking for somewhere for your Christmas 2023 party?

If you are looking for great drinks, tasty food options and a fun place to have a blowout, INDIDOG is the place for you to come.

Make your enquiry with our bookings team now.

* A special 3 course Festive Set Menu with a set per person price TBC.

* Available 24th November & 23rd December 2023

* Book for lunch 12 – 3pm

* Book for the evening 6pm till 10.30pm.

* Pimp up your offering with an arrival cocktail. We’ll make one especially for you. Or a Mulled Wine.

* We’ll design a bespoke Invite for you

* The person who book will be given a free cocktail: a little thank you from INDIDOG.