Book a table

Max 6 persons per Group

Due to the current Covid crises we are only allowing a maximum 6 persons to be booked from the same party. This allows us to keep you and our staff protected and safe. It allows the correct social distancing between tables while maximising the capacity which is now unfortunately 50% less than before lockdown.  We appreciate your understanding and support during these unprecedented times and promise to do everything we can to maintain our high standard of service to ensure your visit to us is enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.


Requesting tables

If when you book online you request an outdoor table it is a request only and is never guaranteed. The reason why. If the weather isn’t good, we cannot guarantee moving you inside. That’s why we don’t guarantee outdoor tables and why the online booking system does not offer the outdoor tables. We would love to have lots of tables but during Covid guidelines we now only have 10.

During the day, our huge sliding glass doors will remain open.

9am – 11am BreaKfast

11.30am – 3pm Brunch

Dinner 6pm – 9pm

Open all day for drinks 9am – 9pm


Children below 8yrs seated 6 – 6.30pm

Later tables ages 8yrs and above only

Highchairs available

Max 1hr 15mins for tables before 6pm

Max 1hr 45 mins for tables booked after 6pm

Last orders 10pm

Close 10.30pm

Dogs welcome by day anywhere – after 6pm near the bar or outside

Social distancing applies

We appreciate your support during the return to business. We ask you to please be patient with us. You may experience some delays as you arrive. We will ask you to wait at a safe distance while we welcome a guest in and talk them through our one way system and basic safety regs. We also be experiencing limited staff as we ensure we keep safe through social distancing.

Tell us what you feel comfortable with. We look forward to seeing you.