A shamefully delicious array of hearty meals, quick bites and delicious treats.
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At Indidog, our aim is to bring you exquisite, nourishing food – whether you are looking for a hearty meal or a quick bite. 

Our menu changes all the time but here’s an idea of what we offer throughout the day. Just to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

Call 01326 450699 to book an evening day 6-9pm . We never guarantee particular tables and and we reserve the right to refuse a reservation. You can see the view from any seat in the house and watch the chefs at work from our 8 metre long pass.

No bookings during the day.  


For Falmouth week we are running a special menu. Designed for you to jump in and out for a bite or sit all day and chill in the view.

Lunch at Indidog means minute steak,  a scrumptious INDIdog Crew Pot or a pint of prawns. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, go for one of our home baked cakes by Liz Morey head chef Steve’s wife: rocky road or lemon meringue…yum. From snacks and sandwiches to filling mains, meat lovers, fish fan or vegan, we have you covered. Sit and stay if you have all day. See the link for a sample menu.

All our dishes are home cooked from excellent ingrediants and where possible absolutely local and ethically sourced. 

Evening 6-9pm

We have a special menu for Falmouth Week.

Do book a table if you’d like to join us in the evening. Please book on the understanding that we do not under any circumstances guarantee a particular table. We change the pace to a finer dining experience created from our open kitchen. Enjoy watching the chefs busy making your food over our 8 metre open pass. It really is an open kitchen where you’ll be able to see the theatre of food come alive.

Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes are on offer each evening,  as well as our Specials Board. Settle in with a Cocktail (or Mocktail), glass of fizz, or choose one of our specially selected wines to go with the ever changing harbour view. The perfect sundowner location.


From a morning Bloody Mary or Breakfast Bellini, to an evening of refreshing sundowners or Old Fashioneds, our Cocktail Menu is all about the classics, the best ingredients and great flavours.

Get the taste buds going with an elevenses Mimosa or a lunch time libation. Absorb the harbourside atmosphere with a Proper Pimms on the water’s edge or recharge for the evening with an Espresso Martini. If you’re not drinking, choose a Mocktail or maybe indulge in a Freak Shake.


Food should entertain and engage, here at IndiDog we aim to do this starting with some of our most important diners.

Milkshakes, Freakshakes, Mocktails, Smoothies,Waffles, Pancakes, Fish Finger Sandwiches, healthy Salads or Cheesy Homemade Beans on Toast? Familiar food with flare, care and even share options!

IndiDog is just the spot for a relaxed family feast.


9am to 11.30am is time for a classic crispy bacon and maple syrup pancake stack, Origin batch brew and our Indidog breakfast martini.


Order a bowl of Indidog Crew Pot, a bottle of Whispering Angle maybe a plate of Porthilly oysters and sit yourself in Falmouth’s beautiful harbour view. Our special Falmouth Week menu is from noon to 5.30pm. Indidog is time to relax into the day with a light bite to keep the rumbles at bay.