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Summer is on it’s way and living in a super popular tourism hot spot like Falmouth, we Falmouth businesses are moving into 5th gear and so starts the seasonal recruitment process.

If you would like to work a shift with lovely people in a beautiful environment then we are for you.

We are now recruiting all roles before the season starts in April.

Read below to find out more….

Restaurant with stunning harbour views in Falmouth. Cornwall

What you offer

We are a team that works on enabling each other  so when you look at the role you want to apply for ask yourself: Can I forward think? Plan? Can I  up-manage to support my boss? Can I cook on all sections? How efficiently can I prep? How consistent am I? Our culture is can do and how can I help. It’s all about team.

What we offer

The team of chefs at INDIDOG all have their strengths and their weaknesses and what makes them so special is their acknowledgement of this. They understand how to deliver very fine food and they also understand what it means to create fine food that more customers feel comfortable enjoying. This ability is born out of a high level of confidence in their head chef and their own abilities. We believe that happiness is gained in the kitchen with goals, values, care of each other and accountability. We are not perfect but we are good at what we do and best of all, we offer a safe place to learn and grow. 


INDIdog Head Chef Alfie


CDP: We are looking for a chef to help with prep and service.

You’ll be working with a team of full time, talented and progessive chefs who have all been working at INDIDOG from one to two and half years. 

Head Chef Alfred Hazlitt came to us after being head chef at the Cove under Micheal Caines and previously Arty Williams.  Alfie has a unique ability with flavours with an extraordinary pallette. His ability to make something complex look simple enables INDIDOG to deliver an incredibly high quality food offering at volume. The ingredients speak volumes which gives our customers an engaging foodie experience. For you, it will give you the skills, knowledge and training that all chefs deserve and the ability to understand the business side of being a chef.

– CDP roles begin on a six to nine month contract.

– Shifts are 8, 10 & 12 hours

– Alfie and Sous Chef Tommy arrange the rota to give the team 2.5 consecutive days off each week

– You will always get Christmas Day & Boxing Day off!

– We allow one weeks holiday within the summer period. (FCFS)

– Uncapped Tips paid in your payrol

– Bi weekly pay paid in Lieu

– Option for a pension scheme

– Free staff meals

– Staff discount

Kitchen Porter Hourly wage based on age and experience

Sous: We are not currently recruiting

CDP Senior: We are not currently recruiting

Add on to the basic salary

All roles include uncapped tips

Christmas Day & Boxing Day off

Free food on shift

28 days paid holiday pa (full time salary positions) paid holiday accrual for part time hourly contracts

What to expect

As a business it’s all about the customer. What do they want to eat, when and how do they want to eat it.

Then we are about encouraging our customers to try our local produce in a way that excites the kitchen team: it’s also important to challenge a team with training, new trends and innovations.

As employers we are also about work life balance and sharing with a team to understand ones own contribution to help make that balance work. This means that you can learn why it’s important to understand the business as well as the dishes: ultimately raising your own market value.

Call 07977511452 for a non committal & confidential chat.

INDIdog restaurant in Falmouth

To apply for a front of house role please call 07977511452 and be ready to send a short and simple CV. We don’t mind inexperience for a waiting person role as long as you can show that your personality can fit the need to give our customers an amazing experience. Supervisor roles must have experience. All supervisor roles must start with a one month trial on a junior role contract while we assess your ability to man manage. This is to protect the safe team environment of lovely people that work at INDIDOG.

Front Of House

Supervisor Circa £11ph plus uncapped tips, holiday pay, excellent training

Waiting Person Hourly pay based on age and experience plus uncapped tips, holiday pay, excellent training

What You Offer

To enjoy a position like this you would need to:-

– Be happy talking to people

– Be adaptable to different personality types

– Understand body language

– Be wrong when you’re right

– Take instruction at speed

– Problem solve at speed

– Understand that it can never be about you

– Move at speed